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How to crack a safe with a mobile phone:

Safe deposit, Cellular Phone

During a safety inspection of strongrooms Viennese locksmith Michael Bübl made the safety sector snookered. He opened several safes within minutes just by using his mobile phone combined with a certain combination of numbers of the safe's keyboard. He used a commercially available mobile phone. Hacking the saves is possible due to the immense radiance of the mobile devices and a vulnerability in the coding of the security container. Representatives of the security sector were amazed when they observed the specialist dialling a number on his mobile phone, putting the device close to the lock of the strongroom and the door opened within not even a minute. After demonstration the representatives skipped the room right away not willing to give any statements. "In my sector rumor says about this vulnerability. I invented that trick a little bit by accident." Actuarially strongrooms always have been a problem due to the possibility of a factory-made general code. Even the newly discovered sensitivity to radiance don't make them more secure, either.

Safe, Mobil Phone

Der Wunderschlosser ist viel unterwegs:

In Holland eine Tresoröffnung oder ein Vortrag in Berlin, manchmal eine Schulung in Polen, Seminare in Spanien, eine Sicherheitsberatung in Italien. Eine Lesung in der Schweiz, eine Agentenausbildung in Tschechien, und, und, und...
Jedes Ziel in Europa ist mühelos zu erreichen.


Hummer H2 is a good guy and friend for the Specialist and has a lot of space for locksmith tools and cracking tools.


Michael Bübl has a new order. Mit dem neuen Hummer H2 ist die Fahrt ein Vergnügen.


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The Author at the sale of his books, the Suburb or Ernstbrunn(near Vienna)!

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