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Frequently asked Questions

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We have listed here the most frequently asked questions.

Special Question: Is OPEN THE DOOR! (The Secret Knowledge of Locksmiths) forbidden?

1. May I buy this book?
2. May I own this book?
3. I am not a locksmith, Fireman, or in a similar profession, may I own this book?
4. May I sell this book?
5. I have heard, that I may not learn how to unlock locks? Is this true?
6. What is in this book?
7. Where can I get the book?
8. Can I also order it directly from the publisher?
9. What can I do with this book?
10. Is this book worth buying?
11. Can I unlock all doors after reading this book?
12. I am not a handyman, Can I still learn to unlock doors?
13. I live in Hamburg or Bozen, or…. Can I still purchase this book?
14. What are the payment methods?


Special Question: The truth is, that >b>OPEN THE DOOR>b>, is examined by the authorities. If it is forbidden, we do not know at this time

1. Yes, you can buy this book. It is not forbidden and contains nothing unlawful.

2. Of course, you may own this book.

3. Yes, of course you may own this book even if you are not a locksmith, foreman or any similar profession. Everything that a locksmith knows, you may also learn. It is not intended for a specific audience.

4. yes, we may sell this book. It is nothing other than a primer for craftsmen.

5. That is complete nonsense. Everyone can learn how to be a locksmith.

6. the book explains from A to Z, how to be a locksmith.

7. You can order the book directly from us. You can call us, email us, or fax us. You will receive the book within 48 hours. You may also order the book in hardware stores. A list of merchants is here: Many bookstores also carry our book. You may go to buchhandel.de and find a list of all stores, which carry our book.

8. See question 7. It is the homepage of the publisher.

9. Upon reading the book, you can unlock all modern doors. Even if the door clicked shut, you can still open it. Many unlocking methods are explained in detail in this book. When cars are locked, tools are produced, windows, or chain curtain locks. Everything will be explained.

10. yes, it is worth it, whether you are an amateur or professional.

11. no, you will not be able to unlock all doors, but most. You will only not be able to open safes and special safety locks.

12. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are. The book is so well-structured and has thorough explanations, so a person with two left hands can unlock doors.

13. It doesn’t matter which city you live in. We ship to any city in the world. It doesn’t matter what the address is. The postal service brings it to you.

14. In Austria by COD and outside of Austria by bank transfer.