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What is Master doing? Here is the answer

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Snow in Austria

Many thanks to the independent media. All report on this unique event. It is so rare and hit us, the people, totally unexpected. Nobody, but nobody expected anything like that. With snow in Austria! Therefore, I am very happy with the coverage on radio - on television - in the newspapers - and also online, on the heavy snowfall in our summer country. Had I not been informed officially, I would be today went to the pool. We, the Austrians, so no windows, to make us even a bit of an image

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Without newspapers and television, I had breakfast in this seating arrangement and would be moved to the bathroom. Thanks to the radio! I had not noticed that it is cold and a little snow.


The master locksmith as godfather

These are the puppies of Mieziekatzi. Mieziekatzi is a nickname. It will be them probably already noticed that we address all of nicknames here. Is the custom with us. Anyway, my long-standing and close friend from Vienna Simmering received unexpectedly this summer, the family. 5 puppies and I am the so-called Hundebabytaufpate! Since it is four times the mother herself, two daughters and two sons are the new four-legged inhabitants of the earth was in good hands. Was because a few days, the dogs their new dog parents were given. With a lot of heartache and endless tears, the dogs were given to loving parents dogs from the narrow circle of friends. I would have to take a well, but since our cats would probably strike since Timmy, the 80 kilo Rottweiler soft enough for them. reicht ihnen.

Category: Family and Private


They are cuddly babies. How proud I am! After all, I'm the godfather


That would have been mine, but I stand nunmal under the thumb of my cats. It is only the question of why I enjoy my cats anything?


It hurts so much more to see and feel. Sweet as it gets.


Snow Jogging

After countless vicious and Perchten it was time to accomplish yet another athletic performance. Clear air for clearing the mind, is that my directive. Without further ado, I decided for a pleasure that is really none. crawl out from the warm bed and clean take on the running shoes and experience the awakening in the clear pure air, is an absolute and unique experience. It frees the head of Störgedanken that disrupt and otherwise just have no sense. Total sleepy at minus 8 degrees an hour in the powdery snow to jog, certainly is not a pastime for desk stallions. It's more of what Schlosser, as I am. Yes you are right, minus 8 are not yet so cold but if you climb straight out of the Betterl it a somewhat chilly. Try the time, you feel refreshed and reborn. With a little sensitivity you see the world in a better light, at least in your world.

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Yes, I live near a mountain, and when can it desirest me go to the summit. Or run, like today at minus 8 degrees.