Open the door - A Manual to Unlocking Doors and Locks   Open the door - A Manual to Unlocking Doors and Locks      
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A Manual to Unlocking Doors and Locks

ISBN NUMMER: 3-9501719-8-3

Michael Bübl,

"the man with the golden hands", acquired experience from assembly companies, key makers, but mostly as a locksmith. He has completed three master exams in locks, forging, and mechanic industry and is an accredited teacher. With this solid education, he opened his own successful business. In the meantime, he is a specialist for locks and security techniques. He has made notes from his experiences over the course of 20 years and published them in this book.

This book is written in an easy to understand form without a lot of technical jargon, and with many step-by-step instruction guides. It is directed towards those who must quickly and frequently open doors like firemen, policemen, locksmiths, custodial staff, and similar workers, but also for the interested layman. It is, without a doubt, a complete work which leaves no question open.

With over 100 pictures!

It contains exact descriptions for opening:

  • Cylinder locks
  • Warded Locks
  • Auxiliary locks
  • Other locks
  • Cars
  • Closed-over doors
  • Other security devices
  • Picking
  • Vibration
  • Tool construction

Translation from German into English by:

Corinne Stevens, a NY native, currently lives in Vienna, Austria. She does freelance German-English translations as well as gives English lessons. Her past translation activities include everything from business coaching documents to 19th century letters of the composer Richard Wagner. Simultaneously, she is completing her studies in musicology at Vienna University and wishes to continue studying privately in opera performance.